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Caroline Thélémaque - Présidente du Club Les GAZELLES

Caroline Thelemaque

Discover the President and Founder of the Club Les GAZELLES

A trailblazer, unifier, entrepreneur, speaker, mentor and philanthropist, Caroline Thélémaque is an amazon committed to truth and social justice, particularly with regard to gender issues. She has been in business for over 25 years and has dedicated the past 14 years to putting women in the spotlight.


Quebecer of Haitian origin, wife, mother of  2 young adults, Madame Thélémaque has a journey and life experience that spans several continents.

She was born in Haiti, grew up in Africa more particularly in the Democratic Republic of Congo, lived in the United States in the city of New York for a period of 2 years, travelled through Europe for much of her childhood and adolescence, has lived in Montreal for over 40 years.

These life experiences led her to meet the challenges of integration and full participation in her adoptive country.      In addition to her professional activities,  Mrs. Thélémaque has a long track record of social involvement: 

she has served on several advisory committees, as executives of political parties, on fundraising committees of foundations and on boards of directors of non-profit organizations.

Her passion for gender issues, the full participation of women in the development of their community and wealth creation are some of the reasons that have led her to build Groupe GAZELLES, a company that she has been running for over 15  years now.

Groupe GAZELLES has given itself the mission to promote women's well-being and support them in reaching their full potential. 

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