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"I had the pleasure of meeting Caroline Thélémaque at an event in Montreal. We planned to see each other again so that she could tell me about the activities of the Club Les Gazelles. Although the concept seemed interesting to me, I had decided not to join because I had had several disappointments with different professional groups in the past.


I nevertheless agreed to participate as a guest at a dinner that the Club was organizing at the beginning of July 2014.


On this occasion, I had the privilege of meeting a group of amazing women. Warm dynamic, and such positive energy, so much so that the following week I joined the club without Caroline needing to convince me.


Since then I have taken part in several activities, I even had the privilege of co-organizing an evening and my experience has been totally positive.


I recommend this club to all women who would like to experiment with a more "  personalized  » way of professional networking and interaction between women, to join Le Club Les GAZELLES. Just like me, I know you won't regret it."


Regine Coicou

Author, Speaker  

Dating and relationship coach


The only French-speaking coach in Quebec accredited by the Relationship Coaching Institute.


"Club Les Gazelles has allowed me to organize the biggest day of my life without worries.

Thanks to these great women, I didn't have to run all over Montreal. I found within the members and resources of the club; my event planner, my makeup artist, an herbalist with advice to help me prepare my body well for D-Day,  my wedding cake and the reception hall. 

Without them and their support, I  wouldn't be the happy and completely stress-free woman who said YES to the wonderful man with whom I now share my life.  

Thank you my dears  Gazelles!!!! "


Fabiola Julien  

Administrative Assistant


"The Gazelles, extraordinary women!  Within this club, I found sisters,  women with whom to share but above all mutual aid and support. The activities in which I participated were not lacking in class, laughter, beautiful encounters  and... great food! 

Thank you Caroline for the hours spent on the phone listening to me and advising me."


Ariane K Metellus  

Well-being advisor, Vase d'Or natural well-being

"For me, Club Les GAZELLES is much more than a women's association. It has allowed me to find my place as a businesswoman, recognized not for my expertise but for who I am.

It is a multicultural entity where all the women who make up the diversity of Quebec society come together.

We meet every month, which gives us the opportunity to talk, build new partnerships, true friendships.
During these meetings, we honour one of our members in order to get to know her better and to highlight her accomplishments.

In doing so, she becomes a role model for all of us.

Activities are organized for members and non-members in order to enlarge and enrich our network. Strength is our driving force, involvement our motto."

                                              Christine Lenoir,

                                                                   Space Optimizer

"The Gazelles club is great! I was invited to a first activity and I loved it! Since then, I have been a motivated Gazelle!

Being around inspiring and positive women suits me perfectly. I invite you to come and have a look..."


Kathia S-Felix,

Financial Advisor

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