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VisionELLES, a non-profit entity within Groupe GAZELLES, represents the natural evolution of the work undertaken by Le Club Les GAZELLES with women, particularly those from ethnocultural communities, for the past 16 years.

VisionELLES is committed to supporting women of ethnocultural backgrounds, mainly black women, by offering them products and services to ascend to places of power and break the proverbial glass ceiling.

Founded by black women, VisionELLES specifically targets Afro-descendants to facilitate their access to professional opportunities and strengthen their presence in spheres where their representation is limited.

Our mission is to combat the lack of advisory services adapted to the challenges of black women in their careers,

a major obstacle to their financial and social development.

Through mentoring, coaching, and support programs, VisionELLES aims to eliminate limiting beliefs and promote their harmonious integration into our society.

We offer innovative solutions adapted to their needs, creating an ecosystem favorable to their financial, personal, and social development. Our values, excellence, ambition, and solidarity, guide our actions. Our vision is to create a vast network of influential and recognized black women leaders.

We are committed to making VisionELLES a driving force for change, enabling Black women to access equitable opportunities and realize their full potential. By working together, we can build a future where every Black woman can rise and thrive.


Our Programs

  • Providing our clients with resources, personalized support, as well as adapted services, while developing tools and training aimed at helping them build a career in line with their aspirations.

  • Establishing a vast network of strategic alliances with various players in the professional sector such as placement agencies, headhunters, decision-making bodies, and business coaches. This is to gather the necessary information to enable our clients to better understand market needs and strategically progress in their careers.

  • Providing training and coaching in strategic networking, by organizing focus groups and orchestrating networking events. These initiatives aim to strengthen the bonds between our clients and the decision-making spheres of Quebec society.

  • Offering a mentoring program aimed at guiding and supporting our clients in their professional endeavors.

  • Providing specialized training to empower our clients to progress to positions of power such as boards of directors, advisory committees and consultation tables.

  • Developing workshops and online learning tools such as e-books, webinars, as well as virtual training and online promotion tools. These training and courses aim to enable our clients to master Web resources, expand their professional network globally and effectively promote their professional journey.

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